Isaiah 43:19
Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs
forth; do you not perceive and know it and will
you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in
the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
"A Great Shaking In The Church Is Inevitable"
Scene One:
I saw a large swimming pool!  There was large throng of people in swimming suits.  The women
were covered in old fashioned swimming suits and swim caps.  The men were wearing old
fashion 1800’s swim suits.  

As each person would walk out on wooden platform and attempt to dive in the pool, they were
each inevitably thrown backwards landing on their backs on the same platform from which they
endeavored to jump off.  Each one of these people were thrown backwards as they tried to
jump in the pool.  They would be thrown on top of the others who had attempted to dive in
before them.  Finally, I called out to them, “Dive in headfirst”!  But no matter how hard they
tried, they could not!  

Scene Two:  
The Lord suddenly manifested a loud noise with a great shaking!  I asked, “Lord, what is this
loud noise and shaking all about?”  The Lord answered me and said, "I am moving Holy Angels
into position!  I am going to tear down all the platforms built by man, and all of the scaffolding
will fall down as well.  There will be nothing standing, but that which is build on the Rock,
“Jesus Christ!  All ministries and churches that are built by man are going to be torn down, and
I the Lord, will rebuild them on my Son Jesus Christ!"  

I saw a large gap like a big chasm that was wide, dark and deep, almost like peering into hell!  
The Lord spoke again, and said “Will anyone stand for me?".  I said “Yes, Lord, I will stand”!   I
knew in the dream that all filthy garments must be removed and thrown away by those who
would be instrumental in this rebuilding process that the Lord was speaking in this moment.

This dream is really self explanatory and as you can see, does not need much in the way of
interpretation.  The old swimming suits and apparel of the 1800, is representative of building
and patterning church and ministry according to the old ways and methods of "how to build the

Even today, one can see the workings of this great atrocity in the Church of the Living God in
our modern generation!  There are many leaders who depend upon their multifaceted agenda's
which include "something for everyone" kind of thing, including the newest and latest means
by which they may draw and cause people to stream into the church, whether it be the newest
and latest movie with a relevant meaning with a workbook that accompanies the movie, or the
latest mass marketing with professional brochures and advertising promotions offering the
convenience of sitting in a church environment sipping on coffee and eating donuts while you
listen to the preacher, to  ATM's in church pews for the accommodation of ensuring that you
pay your tithes on time, or the offer of bigger buildings with gymnasiums and sports fields to
draw the young, and etc.

There are some who depend upon the "orthodoxy" of the church for the divine approval of
God, or churches who expect that all will go well and God will be pleased with them for their
religious, holy, sacramental, their pontifical, priestly, and or rabbinical vows of their ministers.

So very often families, churches and ministers over the generations of time, have been so
greatly disappointed that these forms of religion didn't satisfy the deep longing of their hearts,
which was meant only for God's precious Holy Spirit to fulfill and delight each heart in this
secret, intimate and spiritual transformation of the soul's longing for affection and communion
with its Creator!

Please allow me to clarify, I am not saying that these forms of orthodoxy or denominations are
necessarily wrong if they are put in the right light!  If these rituals become our Jesus, then we
are missing the Savior!  If we look to the outward and external manners and customs that take
place at the altar as our form of worship and consider these "holy", then we missing the "Holy
One"!  We are missing the "Lord of the Altar"!

These things and many others, are the "wooden platforms" built by man!  It is all of these false
and empty inventions of men, that God the Father intends on shaking and tearing down!  
Hebrew 12:25-27
Hear the Heavenly Voice
See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who
spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from
heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once
more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven."   27 Now this, "Yet once more," indicates the
removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which
cannot be shaken may remain.  NKJV

Jesus demands to be our only focus and rightfully so, He ought to be because He is the "The
Lord of All and the King of Kings"!

Our worship of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, cannot be by human invention, but must be by
divine obligation to God Almighty, who determines the way that His church will be conducted
and the manner and way in which we will all worship Him!

This is saying to us then as the Church today, that any belief system that the Church invents for
her way of worship which center around a form, or conduct or organization, stands the risk of
being shaken until it is reduced to nothing, and rightfully so, it should be!

If it is not accordance with God's holy order, it should be reduced to shambles for the good of
the deceived believer who is caught in its web or net deception!

Jesus Christ cannot be a "byword", that where we can throw in our mix in order to be politically
correct in our counterfeit or contrived thinkings and methods of building the church just to
bigger and better than the next one down the street!  

God the Father has sent his Beloved Son into the world to tell the world the truth and show
them way to Eternal Life through Christ's death, burial and resurrection from the dead.  This
salvation is very costly dear believer!  Jesus Christ paid a high price to have you and me and
all others who come to Him as poor wretched sinner, who have been saved by His grace!

The question still remains for you and me to ask ourselves.  Jesus asked the question, “Will
anyone stand for me?"?  

I said “Yes, Lord, I will stand”!   I knew in the dream that all filthy garments would have to be
removed and thrown away by all who would be instrumental in this rebuilding process that the
Lord was speaking about in this moment.  The large chasm that I saw represented hell!  There
are millions that need to hear of the saving truth and of love of their Savior in order to receive
the "So Great A Salvation" that is offered to all so that they may choose.  They must hear in
order to choose!  I made my commitment by telling the Lord, that "I will stand"  I will stand for
the truth and will not defile or pervert the precious gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, the One
and Only True Rock!

I have had to examine my own heart and consider what I have been building in the way of
ministry in God's Church.  I have had to have an open and honest heart before the Lord as this
would be only way in which He could show me anything about my own life and ministry that
might need to be changed or tweaked in some way or fashion, in order to be approved and be
deemed upright and honorable before Him.  We will not be able to "dive in head first", if Jesus
Christ is not individually the head of our lives, our families and our ministries!

This is definitely a time of self-introspection and examination for each one of us today,
regardless if we are ministry or not!  What are we and have we been building our lives on?
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