Isaiah 43:19
Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs
forth; do you not perceive and know it and will
you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in
the wilderness and rivers in the desert.
This is the kind of dream where your spirit or soul cries out to God because of need of some kind or
another. In a dream of this type, the redeemed spirit (or an unredeemed spirit, in the case of an
unbeliever), may be calling for needed assistance, or may simply be expressing the inner thoughts
of the soul!

These dreams usually originate in the spirit as a cry for God's intervention in our lives, whether
through need of direction, correction or instruction. An example of this type of prophetic dream
took place almost twenty years ago. This was during a time when I was passionately pursuing the
Holy Spirit in fellowship.  It was also a time in our walk where great changes and transition were
coming about very quickly and as this change was taking place; I was earnestly seeking the Lord for
His direction. The dream is short, but very powerful and rich!

THE DREAM has only one Scene:
The dream began with seeing an open Bible. I could see a finger pointing to the word “seek” on one
place of the page, and then moved to another scripture in the same chapter, where I could again
see the finger pointing to the word “seek” for the second time.  This occurrence happened a total
of four times. Then the dream was over.

I knew that God had spoken to me through this dream and was giving and showing direction for
transition in our lives through this particular means! The next morning I eagerly looked in the Bible
Concordance for the word “seek” in scripture where it might  be shown or found four consecutive
times. The word “seek” is found only four times in one place in the Bible and that place is in Psalms
27.   Isn't God awesome!!  What a faithful God and Father we serve!

It is in this particular chapter that King David was faced with confidence and conflict at the same
time. David had learned that the person, who lives his life daily in the pursuit and presence of
God by gazing upon His beauty, has no need to fear or dread the future or the unknown.                 
The four “seeks” in the scripture, is where David was daily seeking:
(1) The Lord's continual presence,
(2) His favor,  
3)  His divine guidance and
(4) His divine protection

David's heart cry was, “Oh God, Never take your Holy Spirit from me”!  The Lord was truly answering
the cry of my heart too. My spirit was crying out to God and He answered with David's same appeal
to his God and these four main areas of how God was sustaining and keeping him in his day and
time! The key word for us all is "seek"!  Seek the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul
and all of your mind" and He will be found by you"!

David in return assures God that He will be most willing to obey His commandments! He knew these
were covenant promises that God had made to His people, and that He (God), would not fail him in
anyone of them! What Godly confidence David exemplifies in these verses and what examples for
us to learn and live by as we journey on our Christian path.  God is indeed to faithful to always show
us the way and provide His divine protection, guidance, presence and favor as we remain faithful to
Him.  Hallelujah, Praise Be to The Lamb of God who has made all things possible for us to come
before the Father’s throne of grace and mercy at any time; and appeal for whatever we may have
need of, whether it be comfort, peace, answers, forgiveness, direction and etc!  Glory Be to Jesus
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"Man's Spirit Crying Out To God For Answers"